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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

8 Lost and Found

I am Malcolm, and she is mine. Like Beloved is Sethe's, Magdalene is mine. Like Moby Dick is Ahab's, she is mine. She is mine, she came to me. She waited, and I came. She is mine mine mine.
No one can take her away.

As a child I liked watching movies on mute. I liked pretending I was deaf and making up my own sign language. I then pretended to be Jesus- No, I thought I was Jesus. Come to Earth to punish all mankind.

I know I did wrong. I felt like a bee after he stings someone. I knew it wasn't good- for I would die right after but I didn't have a choice. Well, I did of course but it didn't count. The choice was hers, not mine. And I don't even know her name. She doesn't know my name. All she knows is I'm not from London, and I have a collection of Simpson's figurines.

Everyone else is a lie. I'm the only one alive. This is a test and I'm passing. I'm the only one who's real, and nothing really matters.
Magdalene isn't dead and neither is my mummy, because I'm the only one who's real.

He said he loved Magdalene too.

I love mint ice cream. It makes my mouth sting when I drink water afterwards. A sadist is just a masochist who follows the golden rule.

One should always try everything except incest and country dancing. I try to.

October 22, 2008
Magdalene Bumeii was found dead in a South London flat last night. She appears to have been drinking pure ethanol that at this moment has been acquired to have been stolen from the local secondary school's chemistry laboratory.
Any tips as to the reason of Ms Bumeii's death are appreciated.


I know there is at least one person who has read this story when I first wrote it. So, you may notice it has been altered. I decided it was better for me to write from a perspective I knew better. I am now in the process of writing the second part, though it may take a while.

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